Jelena Antic

The theme of the photo series titled "Undercurrents" is essentially time.

Each photograph serves as a documentation of the intricate patterns and textures formed by the passage of time, highlighting the essence of natural processes in their purest form. Documenting conditions of materials and microorganisms formed through time by different processes occurring in nature, such as fast cooling of lava, slow decay of bricks or metal, settling of soil, rotting etc.
In this body of work, I explore the concept of new materialism, but my focus is on the raw imprint of time into nature without any intervention from humans or for comparison structures created by humans, but then abandoned or just left off to sculpting by natural processes and time.

My artistic practice has evolved into a contemplative exploration of the dynamic relationship between humanity and the environment, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the wonder of natural forces. Through my lens, I seek to evoke a sense of reverence for the ever-changing dimensions of our world and the profound impact of time on its essence.

Photo Gallery / Undercurrents - series of abstract photography