Jelena Antić is a Reykjavík, Iceland-based visual artist who originally hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Antić, who’s held seven solo exhibitions, holds a Master’s degree in Painting, Monumental painting, Mosaic, and Contemporary Art from the University of Serbia and is a member of the Icelandic Association of Artists (SÍM).
Antić’s main form of visual expression is through painting but she rejects the general conventions of the medium choosing to avoid symbols or specific representations of objects or figures. Much like instrumental music without words or explanation, Antić’s work is best described as a visual representation of feeling both thoughtful and meditative. Her aim is for viewers to interpret her work as they see it—each of them is equally true and equally as important to all other interpretations, even her own.
Antić’s primary influences are abstract expressionism and abstract minimalism inspired by concepts of psychology, philosophy, and contemporary art theory. All her works exhibit a strong personal stamp, deeply influenced by her life and experience.

Artist's Statement

I think that aesthetics and intellect are the most powerful ways of communication and should not be underestimated.
I find visual inspiration in refined design, minimalistic architecture and geometrics and I particularly challenge myself by reducing the use of visual elements to the least possible. (We believe that) we live in a four-dimensional world (length, width, depth, and time), but theory presents us with ten dimensions of reality, with the tenth being infinite possibilities represented by a single point. This opens many questions and an endless polygon of thoughts.

Creating spaces.
I paint as an orientation exercise into space, while simultaneously creating it. My lines oscillate between a mechanical feel and manual execution.

Connected to the canvas.
I choose to stay attached to the canvas, brush, pencils… to manipulate it with my mind but to form it with my hands.

Art can be meditative and emotional.
Art is universal language.




2023 • Exhibition of paintings „Ritað í Rými / Writings Into Space“ – at the SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
2020 • Exhibition of paintings „Metaphysics“ – at the SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
2019 • Exhibition of paintings „Daydreaming“ – at the Grafiksalurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland
2017 • Exhibition of paintings „TRACES“ – at the SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
2014 • Exhibition of paintings „Ključne reči - Keywords“ - at Gallery of Municipality of Vračar, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 • Exhibition of paintings „NOEMA“– at Gallery “Stepenište” of Šumatovačka - Center of Fine Arts & Education, Belgrade, Serbia
2003 • Exhibition of paintings „Amnezija / Amnesia“ at Happy gallery of Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia
2001 • Exhibition of paintings „Slike prirode / Pictures of Nature“ at Gallery of PUC Belgrade Waterworks , Belgrade, Serbia


2023 • October - TORG Listamessa 2023 – TORG Art Fair Reykjavik, Iceland
2023 • April - Group exhibition "Ilussions" / Artist's Print project/Ana Marinkovic & Association for the development of fine arts @ Gallery Beti Ford, Belgrade, Serbia
2022 • October - TORG Listamessa 2022 – TORG Art Fair Reykjavik, Iceland
2021 • October - TORG Listamessa 2021 – TORG Art Fair Reykjavik, Iceland
2021 • September - International Contemporary Art Fair Paris 2021 - Paris Expo, Paris, France
2021 • March/April - The Other Art Fair Los Angeles Virtual Edition, Presented by Saatchi Art
2020 • January - Samslattur Exhibition of 9 Icelandic artists, Korpulfstadir Loft, Reykjavik, Iceland
2019 • October - TORG Listamessa 2019 – TORG Art Fair Reykjavik, Iceland
2019 • September - The Other Art Fair Los Angeles Barker Hangar, Santa Monica by Saatchi Art
2018 • TORG2018 - First Icelandic Art Fair, Reykjavik, Iceland
2018 • August - "THE ABSTRACT + FIGURATIVE SHOW" at Gallery 104, SOHO - New York, New York
2018 • May - “A Wicked Good Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art” by The Biennial Project digitally hosted as a guest of #00Bienal in Havana, Cuba
2018 • April - #BostonBiennial5 “A Wicked Good Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art” Presented by The Biennial Project @ Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

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